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DIY Hopeful With a Wiring Question

Davo in Oz on Sun March 15, 2015 9:27 AM User is offline

Hi there. I need some advice as I'm building an entire aircon system for my 1983 Range Rover. It actually has the original set-up, but I want to modernise it as it originally had R12, not to mention a lot of parts are worn out anyway. It had a York compressor, (now a superb air compressor!), and an underdash unit from an American company, (ARA?).

The big problem I'm having is that we live in a little outback town in the very hot north of Australia. The nearest aircon specialist is 4-5 hours drive away and fuel is expensive up here and so is accommodation. It's working out to be a lot cheaper to do the entire job myself, with the added bonus of not having some hopeless monkey making a mess of the job so that I'll have to redo it later. (Standard procedure here much of the time.) Even buying things like a vacuum pump and manifold set, as well as a crimping tool for beadlock fittings still beats paying labour.

Every part will be new, so the plan is to put on a Sanden, a new condensor that will fit, the usual other parts, and I've got a small minibus overhead evaporator to sit in the cargo barrier behind the rear seats. We have a refrigerant available to us amateurs here called Hychill, which is butane-based. So I think I've pretty much got it sussed.

The only thing is the wiring for this evap. It's a Jayair Formula Concord EV2228 and the wiring diagram doesn't have much of a description. EV2228 Wiring Because it's meant to be added as a second evap, it's got two solenoid valves shown, but I can't figure out if both are meant to be used, or just one could be wired up to the compressor. Please help!!!

mk378 on Sun March 15, 2015 4:05 PM User is offline

Connect the live wire "A" to the battery through a fuse and a relay that switches on and off with the key. The solenoid valve "3" should be replaced by the compressor relay coil so the compressor starts and stops from the thermostat. A high / low pressure cutoff switch should also be wired in series with the compressor relay coil to cut the compressor in case of abnormal pressure.

You don't need any solenoid valves in a single evaporator system. If it is inconvenient to actually take the solenoid valves out of the plumbing, they need to be wired so they open whenever the compressor is on. It is also very important to energize any solenoid valves while pulling a vacuum so there is not air trapped behind the valve.

Edited: Sun March 15, 2015 at 4:08 PM by mk378

Davo in Oz on Mon March 16, 2015 8:50 AM User is offline

Oops, pardon the blank post as I figure out this system.

Thanks heaps for the quick reply. Sorry I wasn't specific enough in explaining everything - there are no solenoid valves and I just couldn't work out if one or both solenoid wiring plugs were meant to be used. That's great you cleared that up. Otherwise I think I've got the wiring sorted out as that will be all new as well.

Oh dear, this should be fun . . . !

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