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Please read the following before posting. US SNAP Policy on refrigerants.

1. This Forum intends to provide technical repair assistance to individuals with a basic working knowledge of Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) systems. Repairs should not be performed by anyone lacking such expertise and the proper tools. When done incorrectly or issues overlooked during a repair, procedures might lead to additional problems and expenses. Furthermore, be aware that refrigerants can be hazardous if mishandled.

2. Remember that it violates Federal law to vent refrigerant into the atmosphere and not use an EPA-approved recovery machine. If you don't have such a machine, bring your vehicle to a local A/C repair shop that can recover the refrigerant for you, usually for a nominal fee, before working on the system yourself.

3. We neither use nor advocate the use of any alternative refrigerants or blends that are not EPA-approved or refrigerants containing sealer and other additives. This Forum follows US Snap policies.

4. The Site Administrator and Moderators are a small group of professionals currently employed in the MVAC business or retired. We donate our time, expertise, and advice at no charge. Individuals knowledgeable in MVAC and willing to contribute are welcome.

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