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HECAT on Tue September 30, 2008 1:06 PM User is offline

THANK YOU AMA: This page of the automotive A/C Forum has been set up for the discussions regarding the internal cleaning and flushing of Heat Exchangers. Although this is an A/C Forum, all the transportation Heat Exchanger issues are open for discussion here, such as Engine Cooling issues as well as Transmission and other Oil Coolers; and anyone is welcome to post questions, answers, and comments.

At the bottom of this page, I have attached HECAT's "Flushing Technical Paper" which includes much more detail that we can write here or have ever had published in technical journals. It covers some of the Common Heat Exchanger Basics and has separate sections for the A/C component, Transmission Oil Cooler, and Engine Cooling specific issues. It also covers the many details and answers for "What works?", "What does not?", and "Why?".

This not about Fluid Exchange Equipment commonly referred to as a Brake System, Power Steering, Cooling System or Transmission "Flusher". The term "flushing" is being used in this context to describe the fluid exchange process. Understand; there is no heat exchanger cleaning being done here.

WARNING SALES CAN OCCUR: HECAT manufactures Heat Exchanger cleaning equipment that is available here from the forums host, Arizona Mobile Air. And yes, I do want to sell this equipment, and from time to time I will refer to the type of equipment I believe would serve the best to assist in resolving your heat exchanger cleaning issues. HECAT's goal is to educate and share the results of our detailed studies and to produce products that truly work to resolve such issues. HECAT is not a fan of marketing "double talk" and deceptive strategies, and you will not see product from us being presented in such a manner. If it does not work, we never release it.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST: Start a new post with the specific topic for all to see, comment, and follow along.

If needed, I can be reached directly at the contact info below.

Karl Matis
President-HECAT, Inc.


HECAT: You support the Forum when you consider for your a/c parts.


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