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Member intro “Andrew Vanis”

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Member intro “Andrew Vanis”

Hi creating this intro post so ya’ll can know where I’m coming from relative to MVAC plus I can then can link to it in my signature.

Andy Vanis, born in the early 70s wrenching on cars since starting to drive. Live at 5,500 feet which has some not-insignificant effects on AC work.

The best thing I like about working on cars is figuring out the puzzle.

The most ?formal? MVAC education is reading the 8th Edition of “Automotive Air Conditioning” by Boyce Dwiggins. The rest is from trial-error experience and stuff on the internet. The “SD Compressor Service Guide” by Sanden was a great PDF download internet find.
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The most striking thing I got form Dwiggins book was really getting how water doesn’t really evaporate under vacuum at my altitude (it would have to be like 130F ambient) and learning the 3x nitrogen flush process to get rid of moisture in the system.

The most notable thing I got from the Sanden service manual was learning about oil flow theory and Oil Circulation Ratio (OCR) in Section 6.8, 10.4.5 and Section 10.4.2 determining OCR by capturing liquid, weighing, evaporating refrigerant, weighing the left-over which is oil, then creating the OCR ratio with left-over/total original…..Too bad I can’t do that at home – the whole evaporation of refrigerant thing.

Other than that, I have an undergrad in Economics and Physics and a MBA in Finance and Marketing.

Thanks for the very informative site!
About me and my (in)experience with MVAC
Main projects are 1980s VW Vanagon Westfalia camper vans, the 2002 Minicopper S is fun as is the 1981 Suzuki GS750L -with "speed" AC
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