GM A6 Double lip seals.

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GM A6 Double lip seals.

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Little information from our remanufacture. All their A6 compressors come with a double lip seal. Any play in the compressor shaft will damage the seals and cause leaks. They said you might get away if a small amount of play with a ceramic carbon seal. We just removed the hubs from both our vendor's remanufactured and ALMA new A6.

As you can see in these images, the one on the left has a ceramic seal, and the one on the right has a double lip seal.
A6DLip.jpg (145.41 KiB) Viewed 13067 times
I have also confirmed that you will need two different double lip seals depending on the compressor shaft.

Vendor quotes,
MT2230 MC-1148 measured the top of the can the ID is 18.25mm
MT2105 MC-556DN measured the top of the can the ID is 15mm If a shaft is 14-15mm then you would use this seal. For anything larger, you would use the MC-1148.

You cannot use the SK-771N (MC-1148) on all shafts. It is too big, and it will not seal.

Mickey said that he measures the ID on the inside where the Teflon is.

MC-1148 If the seal is OE, it will have the GM number 6560844 stamped on the top of the can. This seal was mostly used for the late model HT/HU compressors.

MT2105 Standard Shaft "Top of can 15mm"

MT2230 Large Shaft "Top of can 18.25mm"
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