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Re: flushing method

Post by Tim »

Specs are listed. The supplier should be able to supply them.

Oil Type
Oil Qty (cc)
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Re: flushing method

Post by Jay »

Got Old Air to answer there tech line the guy said 7oz of Pag46 and flush with one filling of Pag 46. The drier is new so empty, condenser should be empty, so what is the total Pag 46 that I should use around 11oz?
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Re: flushing method

Post by JohnHere »

Okay...we've zeroed-in on the oil amount. Great!

Both Old Air (7 ounces of PAG 46) and Tim (220 cc or 7.4 ounces) are very close. I would go with what Tim said for a slight bit more oil, which IMHO won't hurt anything. Also, drain and refill the compressor once, as Old Air suggested.

Based on the new information we have, 11 ounces in total would be too much. So let's go about it this way: Drain the compressor, refill it with 6 ounces of PAG-46, and evenly distribute the remaining 1.4 ounces to the condenser, evaporator, and R/D. Then, evacuate well and recharge in the usual manner. Rotate the compressor shaft by hand 10 or 12 full revolutions before recharging and/or starting the compressor for the first time.
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